Tradies, Don’t Hire Accountant and Bookkeeper For Your Business If They Can’t Answer These Questions

The world is going through various changes and the government is keen on revamping the economy. To this end, there are stringent measures that have been put in place, especially when it comes to tax compliance. This has forced most businesses to look for ways to clean up their books and find bookkeepers. Most tradespeople try to keep up with the accounts on the own. While it may take hours to balance books, they find it cheaper than hiring a professional.

However, with the world being in the fast lane, tradies are forced to look for qualified accountants and bookkeepers. This is one of the ways of growing your business as you will shift your focus on business operations. The challenge is in finding the right professional to hire for such work. When you look around, there are so many companies that advertise accounting and bookkeeping services.

Before hiring an accountant, you should take some measures to ascertain that they are the right experts. Here are some of the questions that the ideal candidate needs to answer before giving them a contract.

How Will I Save Time?

Balancing books takes too much time and this is one of the benefits that you should enjoy when you hire an accountant. You should ask them to show you how they intend to help you with their services. This is a question of efficiency and how they are able to execute their tasks. As a layman, you may be doing your accounts on paper or simple computer programs. A professional bookkeeper should inform you of the best software to use for accounting. It should be clearly illustrated how time-efficient the software and the professional will be.

What Payment Model Do You Offer?

Since most tradespeople are small businesses, they prefer something that they can easily budget for and afford. As such, you should ask for the payment model that the accountant offers for their service. Monthly payments seem favorable for tradies as opposed to yearly rates, which may be overwhelming. When asking this question, also find out what value you will be getting for your money.

Can You Make Me Fully Compliant?

When it comes to compliance matters, tradies are not known to have a great reputation. Understandably, these are businesses that operate mainly on a cash basis. Ask the accountant how they can help you legitimize your business and make it fully compliant.

Are You Readily Available for Questions

Tradespeople are totally different from the corporate world and their ballgame is very different. When it comes to communication, they do not have time for email correspondence; they prefer to call and get straight to the point. When looking to hire a bookkeeper or an accountant, look for one who can accommodate such scenarios. You will need someone who is available over the phone to answer your questions.

Can You Show Me Where My Money is?

Have you been wondering where your money has been going? Many tradespeople make enough money on a daily basis. However, since they do not track their cash flows, they always seem to have inadequate funds. Get an accountant who will set up systems that improve cash flow visibility.

With these few guidelines, you should be able to find the right professional for the job. Accurate Business & Accounting Services is ready to take up the task and answer all the questions that you may have and more. We are committed to helping tradies with their books and accounts. Talk to one of our experts for more information and professional assistance.