Changes to Working from Home Expense Methods 2022-23

On the 3rd of November 2022, the Australian Tax Office announced some changes to the working-from-home expense methods for the 2022-23 financial year. These changes are aimed at providing more certainty to employees who are currently working remotely, as well as making it easier for employers to claim eligible expenses.  The initial draft of the […]

What is a Low Income Super Tax Offset?

What is the amount I will receive under LISTO? The maximum offset an individual can receive is $500. The amount you get is calculated based on your taxable income and contributions made to your super fund. On the other hand, the minimum amount is $10. In the event that the amount due is less than[…..]

What Is All About “1080 Tax Offset 2021”?

Millions of Australian workers are set to enjoy a tax offset for a longer period, thanks to the federal government. This is a plan that targets the low and middle-income earners in Australia. There are plans to extend the tax offset, which means that the workers will keep most of their income. The tax offset[.....]