Enhance Your Tax Refund: Essential Deductions for Government Employees/Public Servant

For government workers, understanding which tax deductions are available can lead to a more substantial tax refund. Here’s a guide on what can be claimed on your online income tax return.

Claimable Clothing and Maintenance Costs

Uniform expenses are often overlooked but can be claimed:

  • Uniform Purchases and Upkeep: Costs for buying, washing, and repairing uniforms with your employer’s logo are deductible.

Vehicle Expenses: Navigating Deductible Travel

Work-related travel often forms a significant part of tax deductions:

  • Between Offices or Meetings: If you’re traveling for work purposes, such as between offices or to attend meetings, these kilometers are claimable.
  • Multiple Job Commutes: Traveling directly from one job to another also qualifies.
  • Record-Keeping is Key: Keep a travel diary, and if you expect to exceed 5,000 kilometers, maintain a 12-week logbook along with receipts for car-related expenses like registration, insurance, repairs, and fuel.

Additional Work-Related Deductions

There’s a range of other expenses that government employees also known as public servant can claim:

  • Professional Services: Fees for tax agents.
  • Membership Dues: Union fees, if applicable.
  • Office Supplies: Costs for stationery, diaries, and logbooks.
  • Travel Expenses: Accommodation and costs for overnight travel when required.
  • Communication Tools: Keep a logbook for a month to determine the deductible part of your mobile phone and internet bills.
  • Educational and Professional Development: Expenses related to conferences, seminars, or courses, including associated travel costs.

For government employees, being informed about these deductions and keeping meticulous records is crucial. It ensures that you are maximizing your potential tax refund by not missing out on eligible deductions.

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