Simple Guide to GST in Australia

According to ATO Goods and services tax (GST) is a broad-based tax of 10% on most goods, services and other items sold or consumed in Australia. Is it compulsory for all businesses to register for GST? Not all businesses need to register for GST. Businesses with annual turnover of $75,000 or more must register for […]

When Are Tax Returns Due For Companies in Australia

The government of Australia expects everyone who earns money to lodge a tax return annually. For most people, this is a stressful experience and most people end up missing deadlines. Tax returns affect businesses as well and there is a deadline set by the ATO. If you have a company in Australia, you need to[…..]

A Simple Guide to GST in Australia

GST refers to goods and service tax, which is usually a 10% tax on most goods and services which are sold in Australia. If you have a business, you would need to understand how to register, account, and claim credits for GST. This is a simple guide on all you need to know about GST[…..]

Are you working as a contractor? Tax Implication when you work as an independent contractor

Are you working as a contractor? Tax Implication when you work as an independent contractor Independent contractors are in business and they have tax obligations to meet. If you are working in some particular trades, there are some tax implications that follow you. A good number of people have a difficult time telling if they[…..]

Accountant Kogarah: Calling all Businesses in Kogarah for free business health check.

Are running business in Kogarah? Are you not happy with the accounting services received from your current accountant? Contact Accurate Business and Accounting services for free consultation today. Would you like a free business health check from accounting perspective? We can help you assess your current business activities and business potential whether you are self[…..]

Small Business & Sole Trader Tax Returns Sydney

Small Business & Sole Trader Tax Returns in Sydney

Accurate Business & Accounting Services (ABAS) team are highly qualified and experienced tax accountants and we’re ready to help you with your  Sole Trader Tax Return or Small Business tax lodgement. ABAS has years of experience as tax accountants working with small businesses in Sydney, especially startup business, self-employed, contractors and trades-men in Canterbury Bankstown and Sydney Inner[…..]

What to ask your accountant before hiring them

Before hiring accountant for your business, shortlist accountants then contact each of the shortlisted accountants and find these points. Specialisation: Ask what services they provide and if they offer similar service that you are looking for and if they have experience to help you with your particular needs and if you need to pay for[…..]