Online Tax Return In Sydney

We can prepare your tax return online. It will be professionally prepared by our registered tax agent. Please fill up the following form: (this can be instead of more info and you can call it access form) All tax returns done online include free tax advice by our tax agent as required for the completion of your tax return. For completion of Business Tax returns online please send us an e-mail and we will respond back with the requirements. We will endeavour to make it a simple process for you.

In Australia, income tax can be considered as the chief revenue source within its taxation system. Income tax is imposed on three income sources for individual taxpayers:

  • Personal Earnings
  • Capital Gains
  • Business Income

The following are the facts about Australian tax :

  • In totality, the above mentioned three sources sources 55% of total revenue across the three government tiers and 67% of the revenue of the federal government.
  • 30% is the flat tax rate for companies
  • Individuals are taxed at progressive rates. Income by companies Income received by individuals is taxed at progressive rates, while income derived by companies is taxed at a flat rate of 30
  • Capital gains are eligible for taxation only when the gain is realised.

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